Why AQ?

Adapt or die...

AQ, or Adaptability Quotient, is a holistic measure of workplace adaptability. The higher your AQ, the more likely you will be able to recover from setbacks, find alternative solutions to problems and embrace change. In 2020 and the beginning of 2021 Adaptability and it’s dimensions have risen to the top of lists like Linkedin's Workplace Learning Report, Forbes 14 In-Demand Skills Employers Want In 2021, and more. Using our assessment, you can get a quick insight into your own adaptability skills to bulletproof your career and future success with easy steps to improve your adaptability.

Future-proof your career and discover your adaptability profile now

What you’ll uncover

It’s simple and quick to learn more about your own unique adaptability profile across four important sub-dimensions. You will dive deep into the types of challenges that you face and how you deal with them. These sub-dimensions are the foundation to our full AQ model, containing the complete 15 dimensions of AQ, which you can upgrade to see at any time.


Measure your level of Resilience
& learn how to boost it!

Along with Adaptability, resilience is the number 1 most important skill in the workplace. Knowing your Resilience levels, you’ll know: How do you recover from difficulties? How fast do you bounce back? And how do you face unpredictable change?


Understand your current
ability to ‘Unlearn’  

This could be the key to what has been holding you back from your next big goal. It is a measure of how easy it is for you to let go and rethink the status quo. Unlearn represents the balance between learning new things, and disregarding old data.


Without Hope, there is no adaption - Reveal your Hope characteristic profile

The mindset you have to pursue goals and the general ability to see or create alternatives ways to reach them if challenges arise. This sub-dimension will cover your view of what you can specifically do to achieve an outcome.

Work Stress

Do you have a healthy level of work stress? Or are you one moment away from burnout? Find out now, with your AQ Work Stress indicator

Work stress can limit your adaptability as you will not have adequate cognitive or time resources to effectively deal with change.

Take Me To My AQLite Profile

Instant, personalised adaptability
insights within 5 mins

AQ Lite is a quick, simple and science-backed assessment of your skills, character and environment.

A short, scientifically
proven assessment

Based on academic and organisational research across 100+ scientific publications. Together with collaborations in academic, business and scientific fields of excellence, we designed our assessment in line with best-in class psychometric and analytical principles.

Your AQ results shown instantly in your own dashboard with a downloadable report.

Answer questions through our unique assessment conversational interface and receive highly accurate and personalised insights. It is easy to connect the dots to begin your change journey with the evidence needed to gain traction. 

Measure your Adaptability,
increase success

Employees with high adaptability skills have greater job satisfaction and less stress, leading to better performance, retention, and overall success of your organization.

Improve your AQ scores with actionable insights

It's one thing understanding how you score for a particular dimension of AQ, but being shown how to actively improve it with a whole host of exercises, activities, short lessons to follow, videos, podcasts and books to read. Whilst they are only available for some of the dimensions, we'll be rolling out more soon!

I'm Aida, your virtual AQ assistant who'll be guiding you through your assessment today

It'll only take around 5 minutes to complete and I'll be asking you some questions around how you approach certain situations in order to review how you adapt to change.

For Only $16.99 USD

Learn, understand, and
adapt to change

The only assessment that measures your adaptive skills in the moment,
so you can demonstrate your ability to adapt to any situation.

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Check out what our customers have to say about the
experience and value…
(Direct from anonymous survey feedback)

The richness of dimension discovered in the report was excellent
It was easy to complete, and the AI guiding me with joy worked well
The survey gave me time to consider the opportunities I've had to re-learn and acquire new skills, something its easy to lose sight of when immersed in the day-to-day
Easy, clear, intriguing
Easy to fill out and download the report
The best part of the assessment is the feedback, scoring as measurement against global averages, defining what to improve and resources to help improve further
Thorough, personal, insightful
It felt like I was having a conversation
The ability report was very interesting
Ingenious, easy, intuitive
Interesting, Informative, and thought provoking.
The breakdown of the scores gave great insight.
I liked the way the questions adapted based on my responses
I liked how the AI took you through the assessment
Easy to apply and very impressive with the approach
I liked how the AI took you through the assessment

Frequently asked questions

What’s the price of the AQlite assessment?

 You can get your AQ Lite profile for just $16.99 USD You might be able to find some discount codes if you hunt around though!

Is there a longer assessment available?

Yes, AQ Lite is a part of our full AQme assessment. The longer and more detailed assessment takes 25 mins and covers 15 dimensions of your adaptability. But don’t worry, doing AQlite first allows you to upgrade at any time.

Can I take the assessment more than once? 

The assessment is designed to be taken many times over your career. As you change your environment, build your adaptability muscles and train you will see and track your progress. We recommend twice a year to keep on track of this most in-demand skill.

How can I receive advice on my results?

We have almost 100 certified AQ coaches across 20 countries. Many of whom offer personal coaching and feedback sessions. Contact partnersuccess@aqai.io to be connected with one of our coaches.