Co-Elevating Partnerships

to combine your unique abilities with our AQ specialisms
in forming a collaboration that co-elevates

We strongly believe in the power of co-elevating partnerships. Especially for coaches and consultants who see the value in our AQ platform to add their expertise to provide a service to their clients and to contribute to our Massive Transformative Purpose of unlocking the secrets of human adaptability.

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Firstly, are we aligned?

It's important to us, as a team, that we live and breathe similar mindsets as a strong foundation that builds on successful partnerships that last a long time. First and foremost, we'd love it if you could discover if we're aligned by taking our Strategic Coach Mindset Scorecard that will hopefully guarantee co-elevation. It should only take a few minutes and you'll be able to see how aligned we are with your scorecard once you finish.

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A complex challenge overcome

A specialized agency in industrial development within the United Nations (UN), after investing $1bn into traditional financial management, used AQai assessment and coaching to reform their back office processes, enhancing their digital readiness as a team.

Jason Slator

Chief of Financial Management of Technical Cooperation at UNIDO
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Sustaining adaptive capacity

We engaged in the AQai partnership ecosystem because we believe it’s the best available solution backed by a super solid team and research. No doubt this unique tool will help our customers build and sustain their adaptive capacity.

Jan Bal

Founder at Beanmachine
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Internal auditing and training

I see a great need for individuals and companies to increase their adaptability, to become more agile. AQai’s online AQ assessment serves as key measurement and tracking tool in my company’s Approved Agile Auditor (AAA) certification.

Dr. Philipp Wilhelm

Swiss Institute for Management Renewal GmbH
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Mindful growth, uncomplicated

Building our adaptability as a species is the only way to carve a future we can survive & thrive in. AQai blends historical knowledge with contemporary research & technology to help shape our adaptive tomorrow!

Nikhil Chadha

People Transformation Facilitator at Mindwize
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Insights for a new team merger

As IMEG grows through a series of critical mergers and acquisitions, it was important for the internal teams to gain an understanding of the AQ strengths and weaknesses in order to develop training programs to develop this as a valuable skill.

Paul VanDuyne

CEO at IMEG Corporation

Why partner with us

Some key areas where AQ Analytics can benefit

Get a head start in this decade's most significant competitive advantage.

Create a unique point of difference for your firm in an area set to explode in value.

Generate increased value for you and your customers, both in ROI and revenue generation.

How to partner with us

all the ways you can leverage the value of aq

Get AQ Certified

Start your partnership journey with us here at AQai by becoming AQ Certified, taking our foundational training course with plenty of accompanying materials to help you and your clients succeed.


Knowledge share

Collaborate in creating relevant post-assessment content, masterclasses and materials to help enhance the AQ of over 100 million humans over the coming decade If you're interested? Send the team an email to register your interest and we'll be in touch soon.

Assessment Reseller

Benefit from large volume assessment discounts, a dedicated client management portal and exclusive access to our consultancy services to integrate AQ into your business operational activity. Send the team an email to register your interest and we'll be in touch soon.

Affiliate Commission

Financial and brand affiliation incentives to evangelise adaptability assessment benefits of AQai within your network, extending and uplifting the AQ movement required for this decade and beyond. Send the team an email to register your interest and we'll be in touch soon.

Preferred Consultant

Add your consultancy practice to our platform's AQ marketplace so that individuals or team leaders within organizations, who are seeking deeper programs of AQ engagement, can reach out. Send the team an email to register your interest and we'll be in touch soon.

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