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To the Pioneers. The exponential leaders. The game changers. Here’s to the ones who see the world differently. They’re the ones who are brave, ambitious, and experimental.

   Early solution-access at a significant discount for the remainder of 2020 to a limited number
of organizations going through change and transformation

If you answer YES to these questions, this is for you.

You proactively want to expand the support for the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce, recognising they need help to successfully navigate the massive changes ahead.


You see adaptable leadership and innovation not just as needed but as a critical competitive advantage that will become evermore valuable through each market shift.

You recognise we are living in a VUCA* world, and invest in the learning and development of your people, through both reskilling and upskilling, to provide relevant and happy career futures, for both your people and your organisation.

*(volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity)


You have access; either directly or through your clients, to over 50 employees.

You are committed to invest upfront to gain full access to our AQai platform. Improving your people’s resilience, flexible mindset, and unlearning. Cultivating hope, team support, innovation, and reducing stress.


Many employees and teams aren’t adapting quick enough, and are at risk of being left behind, causing amongst other things, stress, anxiety, and friction. 

We will all need our adaptability, our AQ, in abundance in the coming weeks, months and years. This is the age of adaptation, and our adaptability is a key survival tool, and one of our best ways to ensure innovation, and ensure you hold onto and cultivate adaptable talent. We are AQai, collaborating and pioneering in the field of adaptability research, assessments and coaching. We have spent the last 3.5 years in R&D, unlocking and defining the dimensions of Adaptability, enabling us to learn, measure, and indeed improve AQ. 

Our mission is to measure and improve the adaptability of 100 million humans. We are working together to help our trusted clients access a unique opportunity to gather insights on their workforce that their competitors aren’t yet able to see or leverage.

A quick tour of the AQ platform


We have an opportunity for you to lock-in an initial 50-500 AQ Assessments, with the ability to set up any number of teams and unlock their truly actionable insights. 

If you are interested in championing your Organization to take part, please complete the form below, as access is limited to a small number of Organizations. In return for the significant discount, you will agree to be featured as a case-study, to support our product development through user-feedback, and to be interviewed on the Decoding AQ Podcast.

Some key areas where AQ Analytics can benefit:

1. Employee Job change and career augmentation / reskilling & Upskilling

2. Adaptable and Agile Leadership Development Initiatives

3. De-risking digital transformation / change programs

4. Measuring ROI on L&D initiatives linked to future-readiness, change and innovation

5. Employee Wellbeing: anxiety and stress reduction, management & resilience

6. Accelerating Innovation initiatives: identifying the right talent from the offset

A Recent Case Study

From the united nations (an aq pioneer client)

Webinar with the founder, a UN client and the Head of Research at AQai.

Testimonial Image
Described by the United Nations as...

"The first step in being future ready"

Testimonial Image
Referred to by IBM as...

"An essential tool in the reskilling revolution"

If we want to thrive in an ever-changing VUCA world, we must first know why we adapt, to what extent we can adapt, and how we adapt to change.

How it works

Once your employees discover their AQ score and profile they will gain access to personalised insights and action plans to help improve adaptability at an individual and team level. 

Our training modules will support them so that they feel safe, confident, and hopeful in their ability to thrive in the future. Together we will support you in improving your AQ through resources including e-learning, micro-learning, book podcast and video recommendations, work plans, and more. 

Our assessments are designed to help you drive an experimental and highly adaptable culture, deliver transformations, support the development of your teams, and identify how to communicate, motivate and accelerate transformation. 

Retain and reskill team members (instead of the huge costs of having to rehire) by identifying those who can swiftly re-invent and adapt, while training those who need a little extra support. 

We measure adaptability across three dimensions using our Adaptiotic Table to help you drive innovation and change-readiness.

AQ Change Index

Discover how easily your employees are able to adapt to circumstances, challenges, and change, in the workplace and in your market.

AQ Reskill Index

Receive a preliminary AQ Reskill Index to show the degree,  distribution and ease to which your to which an average employee can improve existing skills or unlearn the redundant, and learn new skills.