Applying AQ


How to apply newly learned AQ knowledge and insights for yourself, your team or your organization is the key to enabling successful development programs. It all starts with understanding but here are some of the recent use cases we've seen that have driven positive change for our clients here at AQai.

Connecting new teams

Assess your team's adaptability before you undertake a new initiative

IMEG is a engineering consultants firm made up of consulting engineers who were in the middle of a M&A when they chose AQ as their metric for success. Working closely with our AQ consultants, IMEG took different teams, including recent members of their graduate programme, through their assessments to gain a better understanding of where to focus employee development programs to ensure an efficient and productive workforce.

Improving digital readiness

Transforming back room processes to better adapt to change

A specialized agency in industrial development within the United Nations (UN), after investing $1bn into traditional financial management, used AQai assessment and coaching to reform their back office processes, enhancing their digital readiness as a team. Jason Slater, Chief of Financial Management of Technical Cooperation at UNIDO, took his team through our adaptability program and as a result of a number of coaching sessions, shifted to a culture of unlearning, experimentation and moonshot innovation.

Boosting change initiatives

Gain insights across Ability, Character and Environment in one assessment

Before you begin any human, cultural or organizational change programmes, use our AQ assessment (the first complete view on individual and team adaptability) to gather rich insights into the teams who are most adaptable and those who need specific improvement in certain fields to help boost the success of the programme.

Driving digital innovation

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation which drives economic growth.

The only way to survive through tumultuous times, especially the ones in which we're living through at present, is to continuously transform into something else, adapting to the market and consumer behaviour changes. It’s this idea of continuous transformation that makes innovation successful and actionable AQ insights will drive this.

Reskilling & Upskilling

Utilise your existing team resource to produce different results for your organization with new skill initiatives.

Mergers & Acquisition

Manage new teams or organizations coming on board by understanding key measures of adaptability.

Digital Transformation

Choose the right internal team for the job to navigate new process implementation with grit, resilience and motivation style.

Employee Retention

Nurture your existing team by helping them strengthen their AQ muscle with rich insights and actionable activities.

Leadership Development

Understand how adaptable your management teams are in order to develop them to drive the organization's success.

Change Management

Focus on the human side of change by measuring the soft skills of culture within your teams and actively develop them.

Here’s to those who see the world differently.

They’re the ones who are brave, ambitious and experimental. While some might see risk and disruption – we see hope.

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