Adaptability Confidence

July 14, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Richard Wilson | Founder of The Family Office Club

Show notes

Recorded at the quarterly meetup for Strategic Coach, host Ross Thornley sits down with Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club. The pair discuss how adaptability is perceived no matter the industry, experimentation to find new revenue stream versus being laser focus, and the level of resilience over the measurement of emotional overwhelm.


  • :38: What led Richard to becoming part of Strategic Coach
  • 1:08: What is Family Office Club?
  • 2:25: Transitions in how Family Offices are managed
  • 4:14: What drives investing
  • 5:55: How can a Family Office diversify?
  • 7:48: Phrasing adaptability
  • 11:47: How to help people navigate change and disruption
  • 14:27: An analogy for a multifold business
  • 17:25: The importance of understanding the types of people businesses need
  • 22:48: "Sometimes the tide matters more than the swimmer"
  • 24:13: Using adaptability to solve real problems
  • 26:27: Advice for startups navigating investments
  • 29:12: Is it smart to keep a wall between who clients are and who investors are?


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