End of Talent Management as we know it

January 18, 2021
Ross Thornley Ft. Anna Tavis

Show notes

Professor Anna A. Tavis is a researcher is a writer, speaker, global educator and coach focusing on the Future of Work. Her passion is to develop innovative approaches to Talent and Organizations and help discover higher purpose for the next economy. She  teaches at New York University and lectures globally. Anna is also currently, working on a book about the "End of Talent Management as we know it." ( working title)
Ross and Anna discuss her experiences in crisis, challenges she's dealt with at NYU which can help advise other large organisations, who matters in organisations, adapting for the future, customising services and re-skilling society. The pair also go over her insights on data, community ecosystems and learning the lessons of neglecting things.


  • 1:20: Experience of the last few months as a lecturer and the changes she's faced
  • 5:30:  What's been some of the challenges that have gone better than expected dealing with students and the complex eco system of NYU
  • 9:52: What can large organizations learn from after what Anna has experienced with changes at NYU
  • 15:18: What things now are preparing us now for the future
  • 23:53: Anna's philosophy on management vs development in universities and students
  • 29:44: Ross shares a quick story about data
  • 31:00: Asking the right questions on data: Anna's views and philosophy
  • 38:05: What Anna sees coming in the future and skills we need to obtain
  • 43:20: Skills for a harmonious society

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