Life changing loss, and how to move forward

February 23, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Ashley Bugge

Show notes

Ashley is a  speaker,  award-winning author, explorer and military widow. Using personal stories of turning tragedy into triumph, Ashley offers a unique perspective into what it means to overcome adversity and flourish from it.
Ross and Ashley talk about work, travel, personal stories, adaptability, exploration, experiences, and finding ways to tackle anything. The pair then discuss losing loved ones, setting goals, challenges, grief and coming back from it.


  • 1:13 Ashely's background
  • 7:59 Dealing with unexpected life changes and parenthood
  • 11:14 Adapt our surroundings to us
  • 16:42 The explorer inside Ashley
  • 20:01 Dealing with the loss of her husband
  • 30:12 Dealing with grief
  • 35:41 Skills and lessons Ashely has focused on her kids
  • 37:29 Bouncing forward and resilience

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Connect with Ross:

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