Setting up a coaching culture in an organisation

January 4, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Beth Miller

Show notes

Beth Armknecht Miller is CEO of Executive Velocity, a top talent and leadership development advisory firm. Beth is a trusted executive consultant, Vistage Chair Emeritus, and committed volunteer. She is certified in Myers Briggs, Hogan, and Business DNA. And, she is a Certified Managerial Coach by Kennesaw University. A sought-after speaker on hiring, leadership development, and succession planning. Her book, Are You Talent Obsessed is available on Amazon.

Host Ross Thornley and Beth address people's fears, organisational success, unlearning, assessing people, creating development plans and building new habits. The pair also discuss succession planning, upskilling, reinventing yourself and setting up a coaching culture in an organisation.


  • 1:10: What led Beth to being the chair of Vistage
  • 3:53: Looking back on mistakes
  • 4:45: Group coaching
  • 5:10: Doing things differently and mini adventures
  • 7:34: Beth's experience of success in planning including highs and lows
  • 12:22: Advice to someone taking on new work role and it's extra commitments
  • 14:08: Managing timelines
  • 17:36: Advice on if you don't agree with a companies decisions who are set in their ways
  • 19:29: Helping development through chance
  • 21:47: The difference between learning  development training and coaching
  • 24:54: Examples of reskilling we can learn from
  • 29:17: Advice for people under pressure to get a result and manage it
  • 31:41: Advice on if employees aren't getting results quick enough
  • 33:32: Looking for help outside your team
  • 36:03: Rethinking yourself and creating a successful new identity
  • 38:59: Practical tips to survive in small businesses today
  • 44:03: Advice for employees who don't fit in


Beth Miller
Are You Talent Obsessed? (Book)

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