Compassionate Capitalism

March 30, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Blaine Bartlett

Show notes

Blaine is an entrepreneur, author, executive & leadership coach. He is the host of Soul of Business with Blaine Bartlett Podcast and Possibility to Profit Mastermind.

Ross and Blaine talk about  his book, consciousness,  serving a greater good, compassion, mindset, innovation and adaptability. The pair also go on to talk about relationships, skill development, leadership, breakthroughs, imagination, motivation and achieving goals.


  • 1:19 Compassionate Capitalism
  • 4:31 'My Intent' mindset coaching workshop
  • 5:30 Adapting to Compassionate Capitalism
  • 9:30 Overcoming set backs in a challenging environment
  • 13:54 The difference between coaching and training
  • 18:00 Coaching and developing an extreme challenge
  • 23:04 Dealing with an environment where people can evolve without the negative side effects
  • 27:07 Habits and practices to help with mindset shifting  
  • 32:05 sustainable change, growth and adaption
  • 38:56 Blaine's experience of motivation styles and desire
  • 43:00 Staying away from the dark sides of desire
  • 47:59 Dreams on Blaine's bucket list as part of his adaption

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