What is holding you back?

June 8, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Dr. Diane Hamilton CEO of Tonerra | What is holding you back?

Show notes

With an intense curiosity on perception, Dr. Diane Hamilton touches on the four main things that hold people back, why empathy springs from asking questions, and how she’s helping organizations achieve more success through the Curiosity Code Index.


  • 1:15: Who is Dr. Hamilton, in her own words
  • 3:34: Interesting people Dr. Hamilton has interviewed
  • 5:07: Naveen Jain
  • 7:21: What shaped the progression of Dr. Hamilton
  • 8:49: Answers aren’t important — it’s the question
  • 11:15: Opportunities to ask questions due to COVID-19
  • 15:46: Is curiosity addictive?
  • 19:15: Companies that are leveraging curiosity
  • 25:03: Overcoming challenges to curiosity in the corporate world
  • 31:09: Resiliency and unlearning
  • 36:13: Dr. Hamilton’s vision for curiosity being embedded in businesses
  • 39:34: Who can collaborate with Dr. Hamilton?
  • 44:06: How to contact Dr. Hamilton


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