The Adaptation Advantage

June 16, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Heather McGowan | The Adaptation Advantage

Show notes

Host Ross Thornley talks about adaptability requiring vulnerability — as does learning. Being deeply optimistic about humans, Heather McGowan reflects upon getting in touch with your identity — and leadership within this new normal. She also discusses how humans are transitioning away from universal income without any obligations and why learning is the new pension.


  • 1:12: Who is Heather McGowan — in her own words
  • 2:48: The transition from corporate work to writing and speaking
  • 5:55: Identity — and challenges of adapting that for the future
  • 11:00: Different aspects of leadership
  • 14:58: Exploration and exploitation in value creation
  • 21:08: Successfully pivoting in dire times
  • 24:07: Lighting a fire of ambition versus a burning platform
  • 28:45: Tips for adapting a life-long learning culture
  • 32:32: Heather’s motivation for writing her new book on adaptability
  • 36:09: The skills we need to thrive in this pace of change
  • 40:46: Looking forward to a productive year — and what it looks like


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