Talent Development for the 21st Century

Ross Thornley Feat. Esther Jackson

Show notes

Dr. Esther Jackson is National Advisor for the Association for Talent Development (ATD). She's had 20 years in HR. mostly in talent development. Is an organisational employee development specialist for the City of Detroit. Esther has also created custom training and tools to help employees of Fortune 1000 companies do their jobs more effectively. Host Ross Thornley and Esther address the employee experience, workforce engagement, performance, and professional development. Then how it's made applicable to what's changing and keeping up with tomorrow. Leveraging technology, they're shared interest in AQ and what capabilities will serve us well.


  • 1:25:  Establish a little of Ester's background?
  • 4:34:  The Challenges and highlights along that experience
  • 7:08:  Layering development and learning into organisations
  • 8:51:  Retrospectivly 20 years on if she could have done anything different what would it be?
  • 11:59:  The Association for Talent Development, what Ester feels passionately about it and her role.
  • 15:48:  In a world changing and accelerating so quickly what can organisations do to be well prepared
  • 21:45:  Some examples of what we can learn from and do today. Also supporting successful transformation and re-skilling?
  • 25:37:  Examples of putting AQ to work
  • 28:55:  Disruption and transformation, how to we adapt to maintain an advantage
  • 34:09:  Tips people could start doing today to help adapt and thrive in an exponential world?
  • 39:27:  Ester's upcoming book, some of her visions for it and some of its challenges
  • 43:00:  What point is the book at


The Association for Talent Development (ATD)

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