The Balance Between Technology and People

November 19, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat Francis West

Show notes

Frances is the founder of FrancesWestCo, a global strategy advisory company working with public, private, non-profit and start-ups to operationalize inclusion as a core business imperative to drive disruptive innovation and author.  Host Ross Thornley discusses  alignment of thinking, diversity of thought and authentic inclusion. Also Francis' transition from many years at IBM to her new company and advice on 'disruptive innovation' going into the future.


  • 1:31:   Welcoming Francis
  • 2:46:   Frances' background and career highlights
  • 8:14:   Positive examples of humanity using inclusive technology
  • 13:34:   What kind of visions can people and organisations do to help them prepare for the future
  • 19:20:   Foreseeing a generation contribute in entirely new ways underpinned by technology
  • 25:04:   The power of diversity and authentic inclusion
  • 29:41:   How Frances has found the transition between a company with huge resources to a startup
  • 33:17:   Staying curious, adapting and trusting instincts
  • 39:02:   What are the essential skills for the coming decade and simple tips


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