Healthcare and Dealing with Change

Ross Thornley Feat Dr. Gary Richter

Show notes

Dr Gary Richter is an established Holistic Veterinarian who offers medical solutions not previously available to pets. His services include acupuncture, herbal therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, chiropractic, Pulsed Signal Therapy, physical rehabilitation and more.
Ross and Gary discuss his many styles of medicine to get a better outcome, comparing diagnostics with algorithms, alternate treatments, innovation, dealing with the epidemic and challenging times. The pair also talk about being grateful, pet and human healthcare, improving the quality of life and his keys to success.


  • 58: Gary's background
  • 2:09: What has lead to Gary's flexible approach
  • 6:40: How has Covid 19 affected Gary's practice (in Oakland)
  • 11:07: How are the team dealing with the pandemic and new procedures
  • 13:29: Has Gary's vision for the future changed
  • 16:59: Crossovers between pet and human care which can drive innovation
  • 21:17: What Gary looks for when recruiting new members to his team
  • 27:47: Discussing if it is innate when dealing better with traumatic experiences
  • 32:29: Gratitude
  • 36:24: Dealing with change in business and companies
  • 41:00: How can Gary's methods be embraced in other areas of healthcare
  • 45:13: Industries learning from each other
  • 46:37: Scenario planning and foresight
  • 50:47: Funny story about vet school

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