Improving the Workplace

November 26, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Gregg Carey

Show notes

Gregg is the CEO of 'Section 119' selling high-quality apparel for the professional.  Previously consulting during dotcom boom ( serving F500 enterprise clients navigating disruptive change, an entrepreneur in digital education at, 2 years at ( and 4 years at Singularity University delivering leadership development programs. Host Ross Thornley and Gregg discuss learning about value in an exponential way, improving the workplace, shifts from upskilling to reskilling and what world leaders are doing well. The pair also talk about Gregg's Mission to leave no one behind and help them adapt.


  • 2:36: Greg's journey and highlights
  • 7:07: What did he learn during his years at Voxy (, how it scaled and key insights
  • 11:09: How to become the best place to work
  • 14:43: What mistakes were made during the journey
  • 19:24: What has Greg learned in the last four years at Singularity University and what are people doing well.
  • 22:54: Essential things Greg has helped organisations with
  • 24:33: What is an exponential mindset
  • 28:32: Can anyone acquire and exponential mindset through learning  
  • 33:56: Advice to leaders coming back in to a different world since a global pandemic
  • 38:17: Specific things leaders can do to maintain mental health.
  • 44:53: Greg's plans for the future


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