Helping Shy, Stressed, and Anxious People Be Themselves

October 11, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Mark Metry

Show notes

Mark Metry dedicates his life to being of service to others, by making an impact in the industries of mental health. His life goal is to change the education system, meaningfully in a way that guarantees access to real education to students regardless of their gender, race, socioeconomic status, learning style, etc.

Helping Shy, Stressed, and Anxious People Be Themselves Confidently In Front of Anyone | Forbes & TEDx Featured Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Coach.

Ross and Mark talk about interning, becoming more efficient, viewing yourself, getting perspective, technology, introverts, social anxiety, depression and mental health. The pair also discuss hardwired beliefs, being influenced, environment, overthinking, coping mechanisms, nasalism, mindset, crying and knowing you have choice.


  • 00:10 Ross' intro to Mark
  • 03:12 Mark's background and journey
  • 07:13 Pareto principle
  • 09:16  Struggles Mark's helped people with to get the best version of themselves and the impact it's had
  • 18:55 What anxiety mean's to Mark
  • 29:21 Solving the root cause of anxiety
  • 39:46 Early warning signals to catch mental crisis
  • 46:11 The last time Mark did something for the first time
  • 49:19 Connecting with Mark and his masterclass
  • 51:12 Conversations with technology

Connect with Mark:

Connect with Ross:

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