Driving Innovation and adaptability at the United Nations

December 8, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Jason Slater

Show notes

Jason is currently the Head of Financial Management of Technical Cooperation at UNIDO providing financial management, monitoring, control and reporting of all technical cooperation programmes.  Host Ross Thornley and Jason discuss both the finance and IT sides of his career. The UN innovation network, how to innovate faster, and opportunities to leverage change.   The pair also  discuss  UNIDO's role as a specialised agency, striving for a common goal, dealing with people and wanting to make a far reaching, positive difference.


  • 1:01: Jason's background
  • 6:22: What were some of the hardest challenges implementing an ERP Piece
  • 12:24: How is UNIDO preparing for the faster pace of change in recent years
  • 17:01: Taking risks
  • 24:54: Jason's experience in Vienna remote working as an organisation and how did  adaptability impact him in dealing with it.
  • 33:11: Moving into an environment of much stronger trust
  • 34:43: On the SAPS in terms of operating procedures how did Jason adapt and amend what was there
  • 38:00: Other things Jason would suggest to help people adapt in this new fast paced level of change.
  • 43:15: Jason's view on  organisational structure for radical innovation
  • 45:24: What is it that's driving motivation to innovate and adapt
  • 48:35: How people can engage with UNIDO and a route in



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