Why adaptability is so important for investing and scaling business

March 2, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Jay Jacobs

Show notes

Jay is the Co-Founder of Paperless PARTS, Manufacturing Technology Expert and Investor. He has also recently colaborated with Ross on the mini documentary:
Adaptability and the Future of Work: Seeing The Invisible. AQ
Ross and Jay talk about  adaptability, entrepreneurialism, scaling and core values. The pair also discuss de-risking the future, working together on Adapt AQai and their journey.


  • 0:58 Jay's background and examples of early adaptability
  • 04:33 Jay's employees adaptability
  • 07:16 Sticking points and failures during the adaptation process
  • 11:02 How would Jay personally describe adaptability and why it's important
  • 14:12 If Jay could have measured adaptability how would it of effected his businesses
  • 23:17 Jay's adapting personal journey
  • 27:38 Predicting adaptability in 5 years time  
  • 30:59 Why did Jay invest in AdaptAi
  • 35:28 Final thoughts

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