Focusing on the  behavioural human side

February 16, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Julio Maria Muhorro

Show notes

Julio Maria Muhorro is an award-winning professional with a positive attitude, organization, and dependability. Julio uses his 7 years' experience within management, training and research environments to enable personal, professional and business growth. He is the founder of Sharing Knowledge International a company guided by the same mission and offers business advisory, career counselling, transformational coaching, training, speaking engagements, and knowledge consultancy.
Ross and  Julio discuss personal development in education, soft skills, self improvement and characteristics you want to embody. The pair also talk about mindfulness, mentors, mindset and finally adaptability.


  • 00:47 Julio's background
  • 04:18 Focusing on the  behavioural human side before the technical
  • 06:54  Successes working with so many people throughout Julio's career
  • 10:27 Book - 'Personality isn't permanent' by Ben Hardy
  • 11:22 What has Julio learned and some tips he can give
  • 15:20 Company 'My Intent' .org
  • 18:28 Success stories of helping people grow  
  • 25:22 Other skills Julio thinks we will need for the future
  • 27:46 Steps to becoming more empathetic
  • 35:37 In adaptability what should be considered first

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'Personality Isn't Permanent' - Benjamin Hardy

My Intent

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