Lessons from the former CHRO of P.F. Chang's

June 23, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Michael Keane | Lessons from the former CHRO of P.F. Chang's

Show notes

Michael Keane is a Strategic Innovative Change Director and managing partner of the Sierra Institute. Host Ross Thornley speaks with Michael about the capability of repackaging a product, mitigating the risks of getting caught not looking ahead, and how capability can grow naturally over time. The pair also discuss creating plausible scenarios instead of strategic planning and how AQ will expose a great many people that don’t have opposable thumbs.


  • :51: Who is Michael Keane — in his own words
  • 4:14: Looking back on past accomplishments and learning experiences
  • 10:09: How to use the strategy of being humane even when it’s not well thought-out
  • 11:55: The balance of leaders struggling to communicate with their teams
  • 16:04: Organizations that have transformed their skills well
  • 20:35: The type of talent and skills needed in the workforce in order to thrive
  • 24:43: Strategic learning isn’t about predicting the future
  • 27:34: Tips to implement and improve plausible scenarios
  • 30:43: Things that have inspired Michael — and the way he thinks
  • 32:16: Why talent is innate and not only developed
  • 37:08: How organizations can do better in the face of challenges


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