Why does conscious evolution matter?

February 23, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Manda Scott

Show notes

Manda Scott is a Novelist, Shamanic dreamer, trainee homeopath and podcast host at the massively successful Accidental Gods: transforming ourselves, transforming the world . She is also a best selling Author: Boudica books and A Treachery of Spies (amongst others) Working on 'Dreaming the Wounded Bear'.

Ross and Manda discuss her books, studies, the Deep Adaptation Paper, societal collapse, economics, food resilience, regenerative agriculture, re-quantifying success and challenges we are all facing. The pair also talk about how we are due a new evolutionary step and this one can be of consciousness, why does conscious evolution matter and how do we get there?


  • 1:54: Manda's background and highlights
  • 10:10  The 'Deep Adaptation Paper' by Jem Bendell (scientific paper)
  • 12:26 How this has shaped Manda's focus and career so far?
  • 17:11 Manda's vision of how organisations/people can prepare well for the pace of change ahead?
  • 24:24 Four steps we can take
  • 35:59 The first work Manda suggests beginners should look at.
  • 38:42 What can people focus on to support  Manda's findings.

Connect with Manda

'Deep Adaptation Paper' by Jem Bendell

Connect with Ross:

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