Mentoring and optimising success

Ross Thornley Feat. Dr. Ruth Gotian

Show notes

Dr. Ruth Gotian is a prolific mentor and educator, leading important research into the secrets of success.” A contributor to Forbes and Psychology Today, personally coached and mentored thousands of people ranging from undergraduates to faculty members.

Currently, she researches the most successful people of our generation, including Nobel laureates, astronauts, CEOs and Olympic champions, in order to learn about their habits and practices so that we may optimize our own success.

Ross and Ruth talk about living the best version of ourselves, expanding  success, your own definition of success, high achievers, passion and focus. The pair also discuss the Pomodoro Technique, team work, exceeding, goals,  accountability and time management.


  • 0:33 Ruth's mission
  • 03:16 Intrinsic motivation
  • 07:49 Ruth's motivation to become a Doctor
  • 12:01 Ruth's thoughts on flow state
  • 20:36 Optimising the success of individuals and teams
  • 23:52 Things that leaders can do to make lager teams overcome challenges
  • 26:39: Programmes providing  opportunities for everyone to improve
  • 29:06 Big challenges in scaling optimisation  and overcoming them
  • 31:24 Learning on demand
  • 33:53 The last time Ruth did something for the first time
  • 35:52 What could Ruth do for the first time on the next 48 hours

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