Overcoming resistance to change

January 15, 2021
Ross Thornley Ft. Dr. Mindy Gewirtz

Show notes

Dr. Mindy, an MCC certified coach, author, entrepreneur, executive, is Adjunct Faculty at Lewis University and Faculty and Honorary Director at Potential Genesis, Chennai India. She is President of Collaborative Networks, an executive coaching, and leadership development firm.  The pair discuss Coaching, team development, resilience, embracing resistance and how our brains are hardwired. Leadership in uncertain times. Communicating as a team, coaching clients, navigating accelerating change and essential skills for the next decade.


1:17: A little of Mindy's background?
5:34: What would Mindy do differently for a system change
8:11: Discussing resistance and challenges Mindy has come across in her career
15:36: How can organisation's/people prepare for keeping up with the pace of change ahead
18:53: The key differences between leadership yesterday and leadership now
21:39: Who has been successful (teams, leaders, organisations) embracing transformation and re-skilling?
28:41: Managing future change
31:25: Tips for teams to adapt and thrive
37:54: Tips for individuals to adapt and thrive
44:50: Predictions for this time next year and tips to thrive?

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Dr Mindy L. Gewirtz

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