Applying improvisation techniques to modern business

November 12, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Nancy Watt

Show notes

Nancy is President of NANCY WATT COMMUNICATIONS, a specialized consulting and creative agency that works with all sectors exploring the social science of collaboration, communication and connection. Host Ross Thornley discusses applying improvisation techniques to modern business, psychological safety and how they are used in a work environment. The pair also talk about learning, curiosity and advice on getting out of the eco chamber we all live in using these engaging and entertaining  techniques.Nancy is writing H.A.P.P.I.E., How to Apply Positive Psychology Improv Exercises.


1:08:  Background before starting NANCY WATT COMMUNICATIONS

4:05:  Discussing improvisation and a new lens to see things

12:13:  Improv in a work environment and best stories regarding it

19:47:  Psychological Safety and practical tips to use it in your business

22:36:  How Psychologic Safety and performance pressure relates to improv

24:44:  'Passengers' who aren't creating value

28:22:  Peoples incapability to unlearn and anchors

31:15:  Examples Applied Improv has work well

38:46:  Awareness of AQ

41:16:  Social contagion and Nancy's workshop

46:27:  Reading opposing thoughts and challenging the thought process

48:49:  Advice on starting improv and some fun beginners games





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