New phases of leadership

June 29, 2021
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Doug Guthrie

Show notes

Doug Guthrie's had  a career researching, writing and teaching about 3 topics.
Organizational development - covering leadership, culture and social responsibility.
The Chinese economic reforms, and strategic economic development cities in the US economy.

Ross and Doug discuss his early dyslexia, working at Apple, economics, education, leadership, exponential learning, strategic learning, AI, decision making, thinking globally and creatively seeing the future.  


  • 02:14 A little of Doug's background
  • 06:44 The difference in education between tech corporate and traditional institutions
  • 10:21 Challenging environments and topics in  a pioneering company
  • 15:33 Building continual learning and adaptability into learning processes  
  • 19:37 New phases of leadership to keep up and survive in these uncertain times
  • 24:53 Technology playing a role in leadership
  • 30:31 In Doug's role at Thunderbird what's coming next and what we need to be ready for

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