Personality isn't Permanent

June 30, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Dr. Benjamin Hardy | Personality isn't Permanent

Show notes

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist, an esteemed author, and a renowned speaker. Host Ross Thornley talks with Dr. Hardy talks about his new book, "Personality Isn’t Permanent", why it’s important to spend time thinking about thinking, and some of the keys of adaptability. The pair also discuss psychological flexibility being essential in order to jump from environment to environment — and not being held to the ideas of the former context.


  • 2:09: What drove Dr. Hardy towards writing
  • 4:26: The various ways writers write
  • 7:28: The personality test that could have changed everything
  • 13:52: Poking the bear on profiling
  • 17:40: Disruption — and knowing when it’s coming
  • 19:20: Looking at you former self
  • 23:30: A conversation with your future self
  • 29:42: All progress starts by telling the truth
  • 32:34: What would your future self say to your former self?
  • 33:44: Personality is a skill
  • 37:02: Going big on firsts


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