Mental training for maverick leaders and the secrets from a decade of working with Navy SEALs

December 15, 2020
Ross Thornley Feat. Renita Kalhorn

Show notes

Renita is an executive coach who’s worked with 1,200+ high-performers in 40+ countries, from Fortune 500 executives to Inc 5000 entrepreneurs. Tapping 10+ years of working with future Navy SEALs, she specializes in helping deep-tech founders level up as leaders so they can build fiercely loyal A-teams and scale their company.

Host Ross Thornley and Renita discuss  her evolution into coaching, balancing physical and mental sides of work. Finding ways to simulate mental challenges, leadership concepts and making uncomfortable situations feel familiar. The pair also talk about communication skills,  the power of group models and give advice on making your life more physical.


  • 1:13: A little bit of Renita's background and journey
  • 5:00: What Renita did in Japan
  • 6:27: Triggers which took Renita on her coaching journey
  • 8:32: Training civilians to Navy Seals
  • 10:58: The balance between the physical and mental side of work
  • 12:47: Simulating mental challenges
  • 17:14: Preparing well for the new uncertain future
  • 18:32: Tips for teams to stay comfortable and deal with unfamiliar circumstances
  • 22:08: How has her organisation shifted over the years and where she sees it going
  • 24:55: Some of the recent challenges Renita has helped with and radical changes
  • 28:03: Tips on breaking down barriers in innovation
  • 36:28: Low risk repetitions to boost and energise
  • 42:13: Breathing work
  • 45:19: Daniel Kahneman's  book Thinking, Fast and Slow
  • 48:01: Being comfortable dealing with uncertainty  


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