Scaling coaching

April 13, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Marva Sadler

Show notes

Marva Sadler, MBA, TOC Jonah, is CEO of the World Business & Executive Coach Summit, named the fastest-growing education company in the UK in the INC 5000 in 2018. She also sits on the editorial board of Choice Magazine.

Ross and Marva discuss consultancy, challenges, coaching, leadership, growth and learning. The pair also talk about optimisation, technology, AI, mindset, new ideas, adaptability and helping people achieve more than they thought was possible.


  • 0:42  A quick background story about Marva's 'personal mission'
  • 3:54 Marva's journey and how she was introduced to the WBECS
  • 9:15 Highlights during her career at WBECS
  • 14:45 Scaling coach education
  • 22:01 Experience with pioneering technology
  • 27:29 Areas that have helped people deal with difficult moments and change well
  • 32:37 How has shifting mindset effected Marva's team
  • 37:06 Marva' s incites from her experience with the AQai assessment test  
  • 41:12 Skills listeners should consider to navigate change well
  • 46:08 Final mantra

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