The Future of Coaching

Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley and Magdalena Nowicka Mook CEO at ICF

Show notes

Magdalena acts as strategic partner of the ICF’s leadership, including the Board and variety of committees and task forces. Specializing in strategic planning, cultural competence, ethics, international affairs and board governance, she also oversees organizational budgets and manages professional staff of the ICF.

Ross and Magda discuss ICF, professional coaching,  the best coaches, working globally, evolving, coaching culture, technology, mentoring, leadership and burnout.


  • 01:01 What got Magdalena into coaching
  • 02:43 The difference and benefits between international coaching and regional coaching
  • 05:16 Challenges in shifts and changes in coaching over the last decade and a half
  • 08:06 The future of coaching
  • 12:07 Some of the dangers and obstacles around coaching
  • 16:12 Headlines around ICF
  • 23:08 In 3-5 years time, the ideal environment for coaching and the ICF to be in
  • 29:48 What people want to be coached on at the moment
  • 37:43 In 1 years time what would be a regarded as 3 big achievements by the ICF and it's highest priority

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