The ideal work journey

June 22, 2021
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Suzanne Lucas - Evil HR Lady

Show notes

Susan Lucas runs Evil HR Lady. She can make your resume better, your conference sparkle, and your website attract HR experts. She also specialises in writing, webinars, resumes, coaching and keynote speaking.

Ross and Susan discuss big and small levels of HR, understanding companies departments and  dealing with people. The pair also discuss remote working, managing cultures, firing people, ethical responsibilities, coaching,  changing jobs and taking control.


  • 01:19 Where did the evil HR lady come from?
  • 04:00 Insights into Susan's career in HR and her background
  • 10:22 Challenges managing competition v co elevating together
  • 13:52 Observations of people adapting their online communications to understand tone and context well
  • 21:38 Balancing difficult situations
  • 30:28 How to adapt and deal with getting fired?
  • 40:08 Simple tips to keep us on our ideal work journey going into the future

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