The journey beyond fear

March 9, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. John Hagel

Show notes

Ross Thornley Feat. John Hagel

John has had a 40 year career at the intersection of business strategy and technology. With over a decade at Deloitte, almost 2 decades at McKinsey and a host of experiences in between. A published author with a new book on the way.. 'The journey beyond fear' working title. He is both as an advisor in consulting engagements and as a co-founder and senior executive of enterprises.
Ross and John talk about consulting, research, silicon valley, technology, exploring, and  serendipitous circumstances. The pair also talk about psychology over strategy, fear, redefining work, anticipation and addressing unseen problems.


  • 1:02 John's background and first career
  • 3:13 Key moments that have shaped John's focus and career so far
  • 6:42 What has been the main cause of innovation during John's career
  • 9:30 Documentary 'General Magic' about a forgotten Silicon Valley start-up
  • 12:18 John's vision of how organisations/people can prepare well for the pace of change ahead
  • 22:04 Examples of leaders or individuals work to enhance the ability to anticipate and how can it be done
  • 26:16 Psychology - What has shifted and psychologies role in the future
  • 31:34 In work some examples of an organisation creating a vision and then acting on it, creating momentum along the journey
  • 34:32 Breaking through a  companies immune system that's preventing change
  • 40:25 John's view on edges around EdTech
  • 42:54 Characteristics in organisations that are navigating well and harnessing their fear
  • 46:06 The future of working together and how might we overcome the factor of that becoming a silo for others to benefit
  • 49:28 In a competitive economy how do we truly collaborate for the common good
  • 51:44 In a years time what would John be most happiest with if things go well

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Documentary mentioned: General Magic (2018) - IMDb

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