The Secrets to Happiness at Work

November 10, 2021
Ross Thornley Feat. Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD

Show notes

Dr Tracy Brower is author of two books, The Secrets to Happiness at Work &
Bring Work to Life. She is a contributor to and spent two decades at Herman Miller.

Now a Principal, at Steelcase which is the global leader in the office furniture industry. Tracy has been Executive Adviser Michigan State University for almost a decade, but also a sociologist studying work life fulfilment and happiness.

Ross and Tracy talk about the sociology of work, human connection, work fulfilment, perception, adaptation, different organisations, reflecting, fulfilment, boundaries, society, growth and psychological safety. The pair also discuss the future of work, the gig economy, reskilling, upskilling, value, the skill of reflecting, objectivity, valuing people, feeling connected to our community, reinforcing happiness, validation,  different points of view and influencing each other.


  • 01:13 A little of Tracy's background
  • 03:33 Some highlights of adapting through spending 20 years in 1 organisation
  • 06:32 Fulfilment at work
  • 09:04 The future of identity
  • 12:04 Exploring what work really means
  • 15:27 Skills we need to help us achieve fulfilment and happiness
  • 23:45 Expanding happiness in an environment
  • 28:48 Being heard
  • 32:47 Conversations with people who think differently to us
  • 39:15 The last time Tracy did something for the first time
  • 44:07 Important considerations for the future

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