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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Olga Spivak

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Olga is currently the Vice President of People at YCharts. A series C funding company with an investment research platform that enables smarter investments and better client communications, for more than 5,000 clients.

With over a decade and a half in all areas of HR, working in insurance, technology and investment sectors, she loves to create and implement strategy at the intersection of business and people.  Developing a values-led culture, and leading high performing teams.

Alongside this, she is currently studying for her doctorate degree in Psychology. Olga also has over 5 years experience as a certified ICF's Coach and Founding Board Member of BuildingUp.Club.

Ross and Olga talk about bringing people together, safe spaces, supporting each other, workforce challenges, co-elevation, momentum, making a difference, adapting, development, structure with flexibility, togetherness, connections, work culture, comfort and removing uncertainty. The pair also discuss clarity, communication, career paths, being ourselves, fulfilling potential, caring for people, mentoring, smart goals, balance, fulfillment, empowerment,  community, diversity, inclusion, empowering people, addressing views, success, CHIEF (woman leaders) and vulnerability.


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  • 01:44 BuildingUp.Club and how it started
  • 03:14 The best and toughest parts of BuildingUp.Club
  • 06:28 Clean slates in HR
  • 10:33 Dealing with challenges
  • 17:46 Helping people develop when changing circumstances
  • 23:47 Special types of training
  • 27:26 Future plans and focus
  • 32:21 Adapting systems
  • 37:11 Diverse views
  • 41:09 Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) councils
  • 43:28 The last time Olga did something for the first time

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