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Today, teams have no choice but to adapt and change. If you are wondering how to best support your people and organisation through that rapid change...You’re not alone.

Some of the companies leveraging AQai solutions:

Applying AQ

How our clients are applying their newly learned AQ knowledge and insights.

Reskilling & Upskilling

Utilise your existing team resource to produce different results for your organization with new skill initiatives.

Mergers & Acquisition

Manage new teams or organizations coming on board by understanding key measures of adaptability.

Digital Transformation

Choose the right internal team for the job to navigate new process implementation with grit, resilience and motivation style.

Employee Retention

Nurture your existing team by helping them strengthen their AQ muscle with rich insights and actionable activities.

Leadership Development

Understand how adaptable your management teams are in order to develop them to drive the organization's success.

Change Management

Focus on the human side of change by measuring the soft skills of culture within your teams and actively develop them.


Understand your adaptability with AQme. Personalised insights and specific actionable exercises to boost your lower scoring dimensions.

Ability AQ

Analyze your learned adaptability skills, such as pursuing a goal despite obstacles, holding contradictory ideas, self-beliefs, setback recoverability, and ability to let go of old skills and learn new ones.

Character AQ

Understand your true character as it describes adaptability elements linked to more innate or stable aspects of yourself. It's comprised of your Emotional Range, Intr/Extraversion preference, Hope, Motivation Style and Thinking Style.

Environment AQ

Reviewing your environment as it can really help or inhibit your adaption. Even someone with high adaptability skills and an adaptable personality can struggle to adapt if their environment negatively impact adaptability.


Level up your teams by seeing their collective AQ scores plus predictive insights like Change Readiness and Re-skill Indexes.

Team Insights

Being able to see how adaptable different teams (or subsections of those teams) are, enables you to accurately inform training and development plans. View the distribution of where your team is within each dimension.

Change Readiness

Quantify how ready your organization or collective teams are with our intelligent, predictive change readiness score based on the science of human behaviour and cognition. It's an algorithm that does the hard work for you.

Re-skill Index

Using smart predictive analytics, we’re now able to predict how likely your organisation is to adapt well, to what extent your employees can learn new skills within their environment and how change-ready you are as an organization.

All managed within your
AQ insights dashboard

Your own personal AQ assessment available directly to Individuals looking to discover their AQ score and work on developing it.

Empower your team to discover their AQ score and collectively work on the team's improvement through development initiatives.

Manage your people by searching, seeing assessment status updates and then filtering by a multitude of demographics.

Easily add new teams, individually or bulk invite new members to existing teams, or even move people around to gain richer insights.

Start by taking our
validated AQ assessment

Use our interactive chatbot to answer questions from Aida (our AQai assistant). Instantly unlock a visualized dashboard that gives you (or your team) an adaptability report plus actions to help improve your results. Test drive our assessment experience with this short demo:

Once you discover your AQ profile you will gain access to personalised insights and action plans to help you improve your adaptability.

Together we support you in improving your AQ through resources including books, work plans, TED Talks, and more.

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