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Get access to unprecedented data-intelligence about you, your people, and the adaptability of your business. With highly customizable, team reporting and predictive indexes on change readiness, drive outcomes and progress that matter most.

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Help your clients make data-driven people decisions for better results

AQ, or Adaptability Quotient, is a holistic measure of workplace adaptability

Transforming the way people and organisations adapt to change



space needed between data and you



Data points
collected & analysed


dimensions across 3 master dimensions

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Identify the levels of employee resilience, stress and grit — and take action to drive real business impact.

Assessment Options

Our collection of adaptability assessments allows you to deploy the right solution for your needs. From rapid assessments - complete in under 10 minutes - to  25 minutes, in-depth analysis across the 15 sub-dimensions of adaptability. Each one benefits from our patent-pending, highly engaging, AI conversational user experience platform.

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The best choice for individuals looking to discover and level up their AQ

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  • 1 Assessments

  • Data on 15 Dimensions

  • Actionable Insights

  • AQme Insights Report

  • Onboarding Support

  • AQ Expert assigned for your team (more than 25 assessments)

  • Onboarding Support

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Perfect for teams of 5+.
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$80.00 Per User
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  • 5+ Assessment

  • Data on 17 Dimensions

  • Actionable Insights

  • AQ Individual & Team Insight Reports

  • Onboarding Support

  • AQ Expert assigned for your team (more than 25 assessments)

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Limitless Subscription Option for Organisations

Get AQ Certified™ and deliver even more value to your organization

AQai provides adaptability assessments, certifications, and training to organizations - helping our world navigate and thrive through change.

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Assessment Platform key features

Interactive and engaging conversational experience

Assessment that doesn’t feel like your typical. Built inside a conversational chatbot UI.

Individual insights dashboard

Covering our AQ model A.C.E. Ability, Character and Environment. With detailed insights across 15 dimensions, like your Resilience, Grit, Mindset, Unlearning, Emotional Health, Hope, Team Support and Work Stress.

Compare your AQ score against organisations Averages

A popular requested feature for the AQ dashboard is the ability to easily benchmark against the global average to see how you fare up against the rest of the world.

Easy onboarding and multiple department and team setup

Setup multiple clients, organizations, and teams to view aggregate reports of AQ scores and insights. Identifying the distribution, where to focus, and empower team breakthroughs in innovation, resilience, and communication.

Download Report

Keeping track of your AQ score over time is vitally important not only to reflect on your personal progress but to also identify continual room for improvement as you continue to undertake the actionable insights to strengthen your AQ muscle. There's either a condensed version or a longer, more detailed version available.

Actionable insights

Strengthening your AQ muscle, with a whole host of exercises, activities, short lessons to follow, videos, podcasts and books to read.

Download sample reports

Download AQ Individual Report Sample

The AQ Team Report Sample

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See the power of the AQai Assessment Platform in action through our individual & team sample reports.

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How long does the course last?
You’ll join two live sessions of 1.5 and 2 hours each with your cohort with an AQai Master Trainer, plus at-your-pace 8 hour learning content on demand (own your own time and progress - with still some time-sensitive accountability from us)
Will I get access to study guides and resources?
You will receive a workbook to save your notes and will be granted access to our private Partners Portal with all the resources, guides and science for you to dig deeper into the AQ world.
Will I be able speak with other AQ Certified Practitioners?
We’re proud of the community we’re building. You’ll meet, practice, share and collaborate with a community of certified trainers like you that are already applying AQ to their businesses. A group of over 70 pioneers in the AQ movement, all top leaders and high profile coaches in various areas, and available to share their knowledge and experiences with you.
What happens after the course?
As an AQ Foundation Certified Partner you’ll gain exclusive access to our Partners Portal, monthly Mastermind Sessions and more. In addition you’ll be able to deepen your knowledge with the Level 2 Professional Certification and gain traction with a variety of bundle options.
How can I receive advice on my results?
We have almost 160 certified AQ coaches across 20 countries. Many of whom offer personal coaching and feedback sessions. Contact to be connected with one of our coaches.
Why do I have to apply to enroll in the L2 Certification Program?
As 90% of our Level 1 certified practitioners have indicated the desire to enroll in Level 2, we will be making selections based on mindsets, diversity, traction, and opportunity.

Jump on a Discovery Call and uncover the benefits of being AQ Certified

If you want to learn more about our AQ Certification Programs and how it could fit your business' goals book a discovery session with one of our co-founders
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