Massive Transformative Purpose


“To unlock the secrets of human adaptability, ensuring no-one is left behind in the fastest period of change in history”   AQai 2020


Aligned to the United
Nations Global Goals

At AQai, we care deeply about the future of work, the fate of humanity, and our planet. As a result, our MTP is aligned with the 2030 agenda, the 17 Global Goals set up by the United Nations as a ‘to do list’ for the planet, focusing on goals #3: "Good health and wellbeing", #8: “decent work and economic growth” and #9: “industry, innovation and infrastructure.”


Our reason for getting
up in the morning

40% of jobs that exist today will not exist in 10 years’ time. Fuelled by technology, change is coming at a rate that exceeds our ability to adapt. What got past generations here, won’t get the next to where they want to be. Our aim is to not only quantify and provide insight into AQ, but also to help individuals and organisations to improve their ability to adapt in the fastest period of change in human history.

Our Values

A core focus, as an ambitious, socially conscious and culturally sensitive organization, is living our values out day-to-day within our team and for our valued communities.


Investment & Growth

Repeatedly investing resources to discover new things and achieve greater positive impact. Experimenting and persevering, embracing feedback to consistently build a bigger future for all.


Authentic Self

Understanding ikigai, doing what matters most to each other, that makes us feel alive, yet challenged. A wonderful grasp on unique abilities, having the freedom to use them towards the missions of the company. Accepting and celebrating the authenticity in others.


Mission Driven

Knowing the best is yet to come, committed to building a better future. Having the courage and grit to leave a positive legacy for all of humanity. Generosity and default is to always give more than you take.


Curious & Learning

Actively pursuing new knowledge. Filled with energy when discover insights and finding new opportunities to apply, measure and share. Unafraid of unlearning old knowledge and habits to unlock a better future.



Fully plugged-in to the fast changing world, love finding new and better ways of doing things. Commit to new breakthroughs and taking calculated risks, knowing the ability to bounce back from any setbacks is there.


Being Heroes

Our kind of hero is creating other heroes. We gain energy and confidence when we help others transform, manifest their true self, and improve.



Committed to mutual gains. Only entering in a relationship if it is a win-win where all parties grow. Expanding the ambition and looking for enterprising and new ways to collaborate in all areas of life.



Think big and boldly, different to many others, and seeing opportunity when so many see obstacles. Expansive in pioneering new ground. With the knowledge that change is an integral and exciting part of life.

A hopeful ethos

At AQai, we truly believe in the potential of humanity and the resilience, determination, character and supporting environments that drive adaptable people through constant change as the world accelerates at a pace never seen before in human history. We're glad you're with us on this journey.

A determined spirit

At AQai, we're a determined bunch who are focused on developing a framework for millions to follow strengthening their AQ and levelling up their adaptability to a wide range of unexpected situations. It's this determined spirit that helps us guide our community to a stronger position of change readiness.