Decoding AQ
Your greatest superpower

A new operating system for change in an exponential world. The secrets to mastering your bigger future.

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About the Book...

What if you could have complete confidence in your future no matter what happened, including how you can overcome and win, through even the hardest setbacks? Sounds impossible?

It starts with simple steps you can learn to level-up on your adaptability game, and thrive in the complex world of today.
For the author, adaptability has been on his mind for some time. Even before he had ever heard of the concept of “AQ”. Ross is fascinated by what makes “great” people tick. How do they overcome challenges time and time again? How do they mitigate obstacles? How do they keep finding their feet every time they fall like the proverbial cat?

Decoding AQ is your playbook for unlocking the highest potential of your teams and organisations with the superpower of adaptability. This is a book about measuring the abilities, characteristics, and environmental factors which impact the successful behaviours and actions of people and organisations to effectively respond to uncertainty, new information, or changed circumstances. 

Decoding AQ will empower you to not only be able to adapt and survive in the future world, but to thrive and realise your best Self—every day feeling more confident in who you are and what you can achieve. 

This Book Includes: 

  • Up-to-the-minute data and research on adaptability
  • An overview of AQai’s new scientifically validated model of AQ, the A.C.E model
  • Practical exercises for raising AQ based on thousands of data-points
  • In-depth strategies for integrating AQ with current practices in the workplace and overcoming the corporate immune system response 
  • And much more

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A new operating system for change in an exponential world. The secrets to mastering your bigger future.

“This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about how they can level-up their adaptability and thrive in tomorrow’s world - a world where technological and societal changes are faster than ever before. However, it is particularly for those managing teams of people who want to harness their collective adaptability power and better facilitate flexibility, creativity, and collaboration.

I hope that after reading this book you will feel inspired and united with the rest of humanity. It’s time to unlearn the mistakes of the past and adapt for the betterment of our world, our fellow humankind, and for ourselves too. Because when we learn to adapt, we are able to surprise ourselves - even after a hundred years.” - Ross Thornley