Introducing our new Adaptability IntelligencePilot Program and Certification

Build & empower leaders to guide solutions for your people, by transforming your AQ into action and positive results

Are these challenges familiar?

The great resignation and hiring freezes are in play, you and many others are experiencing burn-out,
uncertainty and overwhelm.

The great resignation
& high churn

Quickly identify those at risk and align development resources

recruitment costs

Secure your current teams by identifying their challenges and strengths, while enhancing your recruitment process.

Downward curving

Drive employee mobility through unidentified high potential reskill pathways

Poor employee engagement
and satisfaction

Recognize people's ability and environment readiness challenges to guide them in the right direction

Ineffective learning
& development programs

Design effective talent management and retention programs

cultural integration

Identify and manage environmental factors leading to cultural and integration issues

Pilot Program for Organisations

Includes certification

It’s an 8-week AQ (adaptability) Pilot Program:

2 week
AQ Practitioner Certification
6 week
Pilot Program Launched

Includes :

AQ Practitioner Certification course
AQ assessments for your team
People data and analytics, from science backed-research
Team report and debrief
Pilot program launched within your organisation to prove impact


on-demand lessons


hours of live training


SHRM credits available


yrs of research, science & application

Get Certified - Train & perfect your skills in AQ

Train and certify internal HR Professionals in AQ (Adaptability Intelligence) before launching a pilot program within your organisation working alongside an AQ Professional Partner. We work together to tailor the right approach and program for your needs.

A quick look in side AQ Pratitioner Certification..

100% Online
Self Paced
Live Session
Varies depending on your time constraints and the pace in which you wish to complete the course.
2-3 weeks

Module 1 : Introduction

Module 2 : Application & Model

Module 3 : AQ Environment

Activate Pilot  - We help you launch a tailored AQ Pilot program

We help you launch a pilot AQ Adaptability training program in your organization, working with a selected Certified Partner from our worldwide community. By unlocking the power of AQ you can demonstrate impact and uplift in team & business performance.

Our AQ Pilot program helps you to...

Supercharge leadership

Improve productivity &

Prove impact and ROI

Need internal buy-in?

For us it was obvious: if we as a company want to effectively surf the wave of constant change, we will have to strengthen our employees’ adaptability and change leadership.

For us the AQme assessment is an essential part of our Accelerating Leaders’ self-awareness journey that allows them to improve their adaptability and take concrete actions on their abilities.

- Nick Price, Founder

Join some of the most ambitious companies on the planet

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Choose a package to get started...

We are launching five pilot programs to help you develop a culture of adaptability. Take advantage of huge cost-savings and be part of the revolutionary world of AQ

Per Seat $4,990 USD  $4,990 USD 

Two-Seat Offer (x2) $6,285 USD  $6,285 USD 

Pilot your executive leadership or management team
Identify your leadership's relationship to change
Lead by AQ Certified coach with 10 Assessments for the initial pilot (bespoke options avail.)
Live 90 min. team debrief

Includes :

AQ Practitioner training & certification
Pilot launch within organisation
2 Live cohort based training &practice sessions (3.5 hours)
45x Self-paced & on-demand lessons (8 hours of micro-learning content) report and debrief
11 SHRM credits

Just looking to become AQ certified?

Spread the cost over 3 months | 0% interest
now available

Per Seat $1,970 USD

Increasing to $1970 in 2023

Designed with corporations in mind
Application and Model
Key business challenges addressed
Bringing your acquired knowledge to life

Includes :

Your self-paced Level 1 Foundation Certification, book-ended with 2 live zoom training sessions, 2 weeks apart
Video lectures, assignments, discussions, quizzes and your personal workbook
2 Live cohort based training &practice sessions (3.5 hours)
11 SHRM Credits
Ongoing access to the community and learning opportunities

The Coach's Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Adaptability

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