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As a connected team, distributed around the world, we're proud to attract and represent a diverse culture serving the world with determination on our mission.



Called home by our team, including Bournemouth, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Boston, Toronto, Dubai & New Delhi.



Representing the cultural diversity challenges that we've overcome when building the world's first globally inclusive adaptability assessment.



And we're on our way to 4 and 5 very soon as we're passionate about reaching all four corners of the Earth in order to truly serve our mission.



Most importantly, we're able to take into consideration the significant and subtle differences in cultures due to the span of languages of our team.

Meet the team

At AQai, we’re a humble and highly experienced team of good eggs.

Ross Thornley

CEO & Co-Founder

Excited by ambition, partnerships & new models of thinking. UN SDGs innovation accelerator. Ross is our AQ Pioneer and dedicated to the cause.

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Mike Raven

Partnerships & Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Visionary at AQai, Mike brings a wealth of experience and passion in people development to the team, looking after Partnerships.

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Gareth Evans

Digital Lead

Gareth brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the team. With a background in Digital activation and delivery, Gareth is passionate about the tech-for-good space and making a positive impact in the world.

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Scott Rencher

Partner Success Manager

Scott leads our Partner Success team, looking after our certified AQ Partner community. He has 25 years of experience in leadership roles and an MBA from UAI in Santiago, Chile.

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Michelle Bizek

Learning Lead

Michelle is passionate about leveraging actionable insights for transformation. She has served local, national, and global populations with her gifts and talents to affect sustainable adaptation and change.

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Marielys Gómez

Marketing Lead

Passionate about research and sharing its value widely. Experienced in media planning, sales and inbound marketing + a huge fan of the digital world.

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