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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Zachary Ames

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Zach is a coach, facilitator, and a sort after Keynote Speaker.

He is an award-winning leadership and talent development expert. With 15 years of experience in start-ups, Fortune 500, and global private companies there are few leadership challenges he hasn’t faced.

Holding senior roles across well known brands like; Bloomberg, and Bloomingdales.

Having lived in Singapore, spent a decade in New York, and from his humble roots of Salt Lake City, Zach brings a global approach with a localized sensibility.  He’s helped re-org entire business units, developed enterprise-wide leadership curriculum, rolled out global diversity initiatives, coached executives, and built multiple development programs.

Ross and Zach talk about Asia, experiences, support, diversity, biases, commonalities,  relationships, facilitating conversation, communicating effectively, environments, appreciating different behaviours, society, pulling things out of people, speaking up, asking questions with confidence and curiosity. The pair also discuss figuring things out, confidence, discovery, therapy, AI, beliefs, paradox's, levelling up, results, portfolio coaches, choosing information, good news letters, innovation, reverting back, learning, comfort zones, curiosity, adaptability, mentoring, control, starting, reaching out and perseverance.


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  • 00:37 Zachary's background
  • 01:42 Moving to Singapore
  • 03:57 Surprises from a new post in a new environment
  • 07:20 Balancing sensibilities
  • 09:54 Adapting viewpoints
  • 14:19 Being outspoken shaping Zach's career
  • 17:46 Helping leaders
  • 21:34 A future where everyone has a coach
  • 27:23 Blended learning
  • 31:50 Things we can do today
  • 42:18 Shifting roles
  • 48:59 The last time Zach did something for the first time  

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