Adaptability (AQ) Certification with

Competitive Edge

Delivered in partnership with AQai

In a world where the pace of change is constantly accelerating, Adaptability has emerged as the top skill for achieving sustainable success.

Forbes has declared Adaptability to be “The One Soft Skill You Absolutely Need for Career Longevity.”

Delivered in partnership with AQai

AQ Level 1: Foundation Certification

Competitive Edge has partnered with AQai Adaptability Assessments to deliver the AQ Level 1: Foundation Certification. This unique training and certification program will equip you to enhance your coaching and consulting capabilities. Once certified in the AQ Model, you will have the tools to measure an individual’s Adaptability Quotient, insights into areas for improvement and the ability to recommend approaches to increase resilience and skill building.

About the Training

Competitive Edge is one of the first AQai authorized global trainers.

Our program is built for professional trainers, human resource professionals and internal/external consultants who are committed to providing world-class services.

This training focuses on the AQ – Adaptability Intelligence Model that can be applied to personal and professional development, leadership, teams, and individual employees. Build a dynamic and resilient culture that thrives on change by learning to measure and enhance Adaptability.

Watch this video to see a walkthrough of the Adaptability assessment process from on-boarding to personalized reports.

Ken Cooper, Global Head of HR for Bloomberg, speaking on the Importance of Adaptability.

Steps to Certification


AQme Assessment

The first step is to to take your own assessment. You will become familiar with your results and online development resources available.


Kick-Off “Understand” Session

In this one and a half-hour live online session you will meet your AQ Master Trainers and your fellow cohort members before diving into the course introduction.


Kick-Off “Understand” Session

In this one and a half-hour live online session you will meet your AQ Master Trainers and your fellow cohort members before diving into the course introduction.


Wrap-Up Session “Apply AQ”

You will reconvene with your cohort and your AQ Master Trainers for a two-hour live online wrap-up session. You will have the opportunity to review the program, share feedback, and explore questions.


Final Step: Certification and Resources

Once you have finished the program you will be entitled to access the AQ Partner Portal and obtain the resources to deliver AQme Assessments to your clients and organizations.


AQme Assessment

The first step is to to take your own assessment. You will become familiar with your results and online development resources available.

About the Instructors

Krista S. Sheets

Competitive Edge

Paragon Resources President

Krista provides objective, expert insight that helps organizations make wiser decisions on how to align the unique talents of its people to business goals. She does this through interactive and impactful certification training programs on understanding the HOW and WHY of behavior using the DISC and Motivators Models, helping leaders assess and develop Emotional Intelligence, and increasing the well-being of individuals and organizations through Adaptability Intelligence.

Krista grew up in New Jersey, and graduated from Boston University in three years with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After college she worked in her family's business for several years where she realized she wanted to learn more about effectively managing and leading others. This desire for personal growth led to years of training in the area of Human Capital Management where she has earned certifications in DISC, Motivators, EQ, and AQ.  She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Krista believes you must live life with passion and everything else will take care of itself! “When we spend our lives doing what we were meant to do, everything else just seems to fall into place.” Her goal is to help people uncover their true talents so they can achieve personal success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Nancy Watt

Nancy Watt Communications

CEO & Founder

Nancy owns a creative agency in Toronto, Canada that offers specialized facilitation and training programs. Her ‘Pracademic’ approach applies evidence-based research with experiential learning using the tools and techniques of improvisational theatre. A deeply experiential learner and facilitator, Nancy harnesses humor and brings the currency of comedy into her powerfully memorable sessions. A Conservatory Graduate from Second City in Toronto and Chicago, she also has a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology, Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, Applied Improv Practitioner, Cornell’s Executive Program in Diversity & Inclusion, EQi 2.0, and is a pioneer in AQ, Adaptability Intelligence from AQai.

She grew up on a farm in Ontario where amongst her five siblings learned that chess and Scrabble were a blood sport. She’s compassionate, candid, and deeply collaborative. It is her purpose to connect with others through creativity and compassion. She is committed to building an adaptable world where future generations can thrive. A mother of two, wife of one, 😉, and a dog owner who loves to run with her in the trails.


How long does the course last?
You’ll join two live sessions of 1.5 and 2 hours each with your cohort with an AQai Master Trainer, plus at-your-pace 8 hour learning content on demand (own your own time and progress - with still some time-sensitive accountability from us)
Will I get access to study guides and resources?
You will receive a workbook to save your notes and will be granted access to our private Partners Portal with all the resources, guides and science for you to dig deeper into the AQ world.
Will I be able speak with other AQ Certified Practitioners?
We’re proud of the community we’re building. You’ll meet, practice, share and collaborate with a community of certified trainers like you that are already applying AQ to their businesses. A group of over 70 pioneers in the AQ movement, all top leaders and high profile coaches in various areas, and available to share their knowledge and experiences with you.
What happens after the course?
As an AQ Foundation Certified Partner you’ll gain exclusive access to our Partners Portal, monthly Mastermind Sessions and more. In addition you’ll be able to deepen your knowledge with the Level 2 Professional Certification and gain traction with a variety of bundle options.
How can I receive advice on my results?
We have almost 160 certified AQ coaches across 20 countries. Many of whom offer personal coaching and feedback sessions. Contact to be connected with one of our coaches.
Why do I have to apply to enroll in the L2 Certification Program?
As 90% of our Level 1 certified practitioners have indicated the desire to enroll in Level 2, we will be making selections based on mindsets, diversity, traction, and opportunity.