AQai's Certification Delivery Partners

Sharing AQ knowledge with the world's top trainers, empowering them to deliver our Certification and Training Programs

What is a certification Delivery Partner (CDP)?

A CDP is an esteemed professional who undergoes our comprehensive training program to gain the ability to deliver our foundational certification courses. As a CDP, you'll enjoy a range of privileges and opportunities, allowing you to:

Personalise  your own unique, accredited and licensed AQ Foundations Certification

Empower your participants to integrate AQ Assessments and Methods into their businesses

Leverage our Training program to gain residual earnings through your participants’ future Level 2, Subscription and Assessment sales

Establish ways to promote the AQai Certification with your existing client base, email lists and social followers

Understand the commercial terms of our Level 3 partnership

Deliver the official AQai Foundations Certification

In essence, a Certified Delivery Partner embodies AQai's commitment to excellence, knowledge dissemination, and business growth.

Current CDPs at AQai

Helping you nuture talent to create your competitive edge.

With an undiluted passion for nuturing the strengths of individuals, embedding positive behaviours and building successful teams, everything we do at Competitive Edge is focused on helping you find, grow and create better performing talent.


Atlanta, GA

Languages Covered:



Leadership Training, Assessments, Coaching, Executive Team Dynamics

Contact info:



+1 (770) 487-6460

Krista S. Sheets

Competitive Edge

Paragon Resources President

Krista provides objective, expert insight that helps organizations make wiser decisions on how to align the unique talents of its people to business goals. She does this through interactive and impactful certification training programs on understanding the HOW and WHY of behavior using the DISC and Motivators Models, helping leaders assess and develop Emotional Intelligence, and increasing the well-being of individuals and organizations through Adaptability Intelligence.

Interested in becoming a future CDP?

Our selection process prioritizes mindset, seeking individuals who align with our vision and values. We also consider your unique past experiences, knowledge, and potential within the market.

To qualify, all participants must hold Level 1 & 2 certifications, demonstrating a commitment to mastering AQ principles.

By becoming an AQai CDP, you'll not only have the privilege of delivering esteemed AQ Certifications but also enjoy favorable margins on assessments and the opportunity for valuable upsells.

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