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Interactive and engaging conversational experience

An assessment that doesn't feel like your typical assessment. Converse with our AI chatbot personality, Aida, to make discovering your AQ score a ton more fun than any other. On average, it takes 25 minutes to complete and involves a series of scale questions, free text answers and multiple choice questions. An assessment experience that encourages your true self to shine through.


View your AQ score and insights in the dashboard

Once you've completed the assessment, you'll be automatically directed to your AQme profile to read all about your score in detail across the Ability, Character and Environment dimensions, with detailed insights on your Resilience, Grit, Mindset, Unlearning, Emotional Health, Hope, Team Support and Work Stress.


Compare your AQ score against the global average

What's a good AQ score? We hear you ask. We've compiled all the existing data into a on/off toggle with the ability to benchmark against the global average to see how you fare up against the rest of the world. This gives individuals a greater understanding of what they're doing well on and what they might need to focus more on.


Improve your AQ scores
with actionable insights

It's one thing understanding how you score for a particular dimension of AQ, but being shown how to actively improve it with a whole host of exercises, activities, short lessons to follow, videos, podcasts and books to read. Whilst they are only available for Ability AQ, we'll be rolling out more soon!


Download a PDF report
for future reference

Keeping track of your AQ score over time is vitally important not only to reflect on your personal progress but to also identify continual room for improvement as you continue to undertake the actionable insights to strengthen your AQ muscle. There's either a condensed version or a longer, more detailed version available.

Coming soon


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A complex challenge overcome

A specialized agency in industrial development within the United Nations (UN), after investing $1bn into traditional financial management, used AQai assessment and coaching to reform their back office processes, enhancing their digital readiness as a team.

Jason Slator

Chief of Financial Management of Technical Cooperation at UNIDO
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Sustaining adaptive capacity

We engaged in the AQai partnership ecosystem because we believe it’s the best available solution backed by a super solid team and research. No doubt this unique tool will help our customers build and sustain their adaptive capacity.

Jan Bal

Founder at Beanmachine
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Internal auditing and training

I see a great need for individuals and companies to increase their adaptability, to become more agile. AQai’s online AQ assessment serves as key measurement and tracking tool in my company’s Approved Agile Auditor (AAA) certification.

Dr. Philipp Wilhelm

Swiss Institute for Management Renewal GmbH
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Insights for a new team merger

As IMEG grows through a series of critical mergers and acquisitions, it was important for the internal teams to gain an understanding of the AQ strengths and weaknesses in order to develop training programs to develop this as a valuable skill.

Paul VanDuyne

CEO at IMEG Corporation

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