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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Alicia Hullinger

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Alicia brings a unique perspective as a Cultural Sociologist and Executive Director/VP of ICF Thought Leadership Institute. She is passionate about making the world a better place. So we have that in common already - Her purpose is to live 'compassionately bold' by partnering with individuals and organizations to be the change they want to see in the world.


With a holistic, integrated approach to the problem-solving process, her work is grounded in the ethical principles for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. And I serve with a smile 🙂  

She collaborates with change agents who are committed to human development and want to enhance overall well-being for people and planet.  

Ross and Alicia talk about mantras, purpose, living life, compassion, making things happen, risk taking, what's important to you, passion, discovery, learning, sociology, interactivity, pursuit and creativity. The pair also discuss unchartered territory, enlightenment, coaching accessibility, purpose, development, the planet, Ben & Jerry’s, change, reflecting, holistic views, knowledge, critical thinking, diverse perspectives, problem solving, meaning and curiosity.


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  • 01:36 Living compassionately bold
  • 04:49 Looking back on pivotal moments
  • 11:57 What's currently most exciting in the ICF - Thought Leadership Institute
  • 15:00 Coaching hopes for the future
  • 18:36 Organisations embracing successful transformation
  • 22:29 B Corps, belonging, purpose and employee values
  • 28:36 Preparing for the future
  • 36:41 Bringing the coaching competency gap with Team Coaching
  • 40:39 The future of working and future thinking
  • 46:41 The last time Alicia did something for the first time

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