Blending Non Executive Director roles, consultancy and coaching

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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Catherine Ward

Show Notes

Catherine is a Non Executive Director (NED), Board Advisor, Executive Coach, Global CHRO and currently the MD People Perception Ltd (for the last 5 years).

Catherine describes herself as in the portfolio stage of her career blending Non Executive Director roles, consultancy and coaching. As a Chief People Officer worked at board level on organisation transformation and people strategy. With board level experience within Plc, Private Equity, Public Sector and Charity sectors. Catherine also has a wide International experience including Far East, Middle East, India, Africa, South America and Europe.

Ross and Catherine talk about studying, science, HR, people, consultancy, careers, disentangling chaos, helping organisations, strategy, hyper personalisation, engaging people, leadership, mindset, work flexibility and the future of work. The pair also discuss managing change, support, hybrid working, sparking creativity, dialogue, re-imagining, experimenting, technology, imagination, capabilities, biases and perceptions. With their final thoughts on retirement, getting old, job roles, awareness, parallax, prioritizing, looking after yourself, dancing and breakthroughs.


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  • 00:43 Catherine's background
  • 01:31 Choosing a masters in psychology
  • 04:39 Things that have impacted Catherine's choices
  • 06:27 Catherine's methodology in transformation and change
  • 08:07 Challenges of leaving people behind with big change
  • 11:07 Possibilities and risks when redefining work
  • 14:49 Coaching through levels of uncertainty
  • 18:27 Advice on flexibility
  • 23:25 Organisations becoming porous and their future
  • 28:39 Opportunities for societal shifts
  • 36:07 Essential skills for the future
  • 39:59 Practical tips to deal with the current world.
  • 43:34 The last time Catherine did something for the first time

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