Management and Happiness

Human Potential


Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Chris Croft

Show Notes

Chris is a Writer and Keynote Speaker, in Project Management, Time Management, and Negotiation Skills.

Chris thinks and writes about management - he makes on-line videos, speaks at conferences, and runs management training courses in Project Management, Time Management, sorting out problem teams, being a good boss, Negotiating, Happiness, and Presentation skills.

He has over thirty-five courses on LinkedIn Learning (his Negotiating course has had over half a million learners).

Ross and Chris talk about survival, balance, focus, managing time, fun management, humour, acronyms, levels of seriousness, smiling, earning, The big book of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky, working for something, neglecting happiness, dabbling when learning, excuses, gratitude, the hedonic treadmill and chasing happiness. The pair also discuss Ikigai, engineering, making a difference, redundancy, video courses, trying different things, optimists, pessimists, welcoming new ideas, creativity, experimenting, sales, working from home, interruptions, teamwork, blending learning, playing, sleep, goals, travel, marginal gains and new eyes.


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  • 00:17 Chris' bio
  • 02:44 Project management
  • 04:08 Chris's book - 'Management Vegetables'
  • 09:07 Happiness
  • 15:46 Helping other people
  • 16:43 Laziness
  • 20:11 The pursuit of hippieness
  • 23:43 Chris' decision making
  • 34:57 Coping with the rate of change
  • 38:03 What organisations are doing well  
  • 43:34 Employee mobility  
  • 48:33 Other important skills
  • 53:45 The last time Chris did something for the first time

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