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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Chris Deaver

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Chris Deaver is Co-Founder of BraveCore - A consultancy that partners with leaders and teams on culture transformation. BraveCore helps traditional leaders be more co-creative and creative people lean into leadership of the future.


Over 15 years in Sr HR roles in some of the biggest brands on the planet, inc Apple, Disney, Dell and VMWare.  

Chris builds the best leaders and cultures. Collaborative. Co-Creative. Inspiring. Future-leading. Influencing through: Coaching. Speaking. Supercharging Culture.  

At Apple, he amplified collaboration on iPhone, AirPods Pro, coaching leaders and building a next-level culture of "Different Together"—influencing Billions in growth. At Disney, I advised new leadership of Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar.  

An Agenda Contributor to the World Economic Forum, I’ve consulted CEOs and NBA players, had work featured in the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, and co-founded a mentoring network with Stephen R. Covey.  

Ross and Chris talk about Mentoring, development, Book - The 7 habits of highly effective people, life experiences, fundamental principles, Sean Covey, changing paths, misfits, learning business cultures, launching networks, innovation, empowerment, living principles, company future, taking opportunities and change management. The pair also discuss Disney, Pixar, transparency, building ideas, creating, surprises, direction, leading with questions, imagination, Einstein, Steve Jobs, co-creating, serve don't sell, obsession with time, rafting and it's metaphors and shared flow.


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  • 01:22 Being mentored by Ghost Writer Ken Shelton and Stephen Covey
  • 04:45 Operating as a Cultural Supervisor and it's role
  • 17:34 Executing ideas and Bravecore
  • 34:54 General Magic (Movie)
  • 38:25 Meta principles and understanding future self
  • 50:25 The last time Chris did something for the first time

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