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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Claudia Noriega-Bernstein

Show Notes

Claudia (Claudia Noriega) has dedicated the last twelve years of her life to empower people, especially children, and women.


Her book - Brighter Days has the 88 Most Important Lessons Learned in Life for Women that Want to Increase their Confidence, Resilience and Courage:


She started her career on television at 17 years old as a actor, appearing in one the most popular Telenovela series airing in over 37 counties but soon after she moved to behind the camera at 21 becoming one of the youngest producers in her country where she wrote a manual that was later used to train other young producers.  

"Born in Peru; I come from a culture of taboos and beliefs that had not always empowered me to become what I believed was my calling. In the process of self-discovery, I fell in love with myself again and found my passion for helping others."  

Ross and Claudia talk about having a good day, NLP, gratitude, limiting beliefs, helping others, being happy, mindfulness, perceptions, prompts, self-confidence, loving yourself, validation, fame, goals, growing and being vulnerable. The pair also discuss emotional intelligence, coaching, discovery, telling the truth, limiting beliefs, breakthroughs, difficult times, writing a journal, and saying no to gifts.


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  • 02:06 Waking up and beginning the day
  • 05:00 Helping with negativity in the morning
  • 09:52 Abundance and enjoying it
  • 17:43 Being a producer and how it shaped Claudia
  • 29:37 Key insights around confidence and resilience
  • 35:23 Claudia's' book  and affirmations
  • 39:47 Transitioning to the true  person Claudia is today
  • 46:17 The last time Claudia did something for the first time

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