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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Alan Susi

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Alan is Global Head of Organizational Effectiveness at S&P Global, a public company employing over 35,000 people - Who Accelerate Progress in the world by delivering Essential Intelligence that's critical for decision-making.

Alan is an experienced talent and organization strategist who is focused on building collaborative #peoplefirst strategies.

Prior to S&P Alan built his career in various HR leadership roles,  inc almost 10 years at Fannie Mae.

With a degree in communications and sociology, and a masters in strategic management, he is truly passionate about innovative business model design and the optimization of an organization and its talent, for sustained high performance and growth.

Ross and Alan talk about the largest merger in history, people first strategies, HR leadership, innovation, optimisation, height performance, workplace change, collaboration, culture, autonomy, learning, flexibility, trust, evolution, organisational design, learning and critical decision making. The pair also discuss guidance, insights, shifting frameworks, adaption, sales, continuous engagement, purpose, employee engagement, skills based workforce, value to business, global employees, moving roles, listening, practice what you preach, Jeff Bezos letters, success, general preparedness, handling weaknesses, learning, pushing through, understanding cultures, using data to make decisions and ice baths.


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  • 00:25 Alan's intro
  • 02:06 The most unexpected aspect of the merger
  • 05:02 Things that could have been done differently with the merger
  • 08:07 Humancentric manifestations
  • 10:35 Balancing data and not knowing the information
  • 12:58 Systems that help with decisions that don't have the correct outcome
  • 16:07 Driving value  
  • 18:23 Thriving in the S&P world
  • 21:27 Mass hysteria in a positive way
  • 24:30 Mapping the benefits of employee mobility
  • 27:43 The benefits of open sourcing
  • 30:29 Alan's people first programme
  • 33:04 Adapting things no longer fit for purpose
  • 36:19 Sustainable skills for organisations
  • 41:23 Supporting roles
  • 43:34 The last time Alan did something for the first time
  • 46:00 Alan's final thoughts
  • 48:44 The last time Alan did something for the first time version two

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