Investing in High Resilience



Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Alexia Michiels - The Resilience Institute Europe

Show Notes

Alexia is Founder & Managing Partner of The Resilience Institute - Grounded in New Zealand in the late 90s, The Resilience Institute operates today across Asia-Pacific and Europe with offices in New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, France and Switzerland.

The Resilience Quotient - leadership with heart and purpose.

Alexia was Media Manager at P&G for 6 years, then 3 years at World Federation of Advertisers and spent 1 year at the International coach academy.

Ross and Alexia talk about Resilience, mobilising resources, modern medicine, research, science, being super practical, development, business environments, different cultures, China, agility with resources and interpersonal skills. The pair also discuss facing adversity, adaptability, challenges, mobilising resources, adversity, pressure, sleep, focus, relaxation, Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep, breathing, Resilient organisations, performing with care, being humble, leadership, momentum, managing relationships and curiosity.


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  • 01:02 Alexia's background
  • 02:14 Starting The Resilience Institute
  • 05:56 Key highlights along Alexia's journey
  • 09:28 Shifting from 'holding on' to 'letting go' practically
  • 11:45 Early signs of burnout and dealing with it
  • 14:14 Practical shifts to Resilience Foundation
  • 20:22 Integrating sleep and relaxation for busy people
  • 23:09 Investing in high Resilience and outcomes
  • 26:36 The most important areas to focus on
  • 29:12 Can Resilience or too much be negative?
  • 30:55 The difference between Grit and Resilience
  • 32:58 Collective Resilience with other people
  • 35:09 Alexia's book (Resilience Quotient) key takeaways
  • 38:01 The last time Alexia did something for the first time 

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